Job offer: Searching for a Doghandler

Natalie Groote is an Arctic wilderness Dog Sled guide in Sweden, she escaped from Frankfurt in Germany to live her dream and shares her story here along with an interesting job opportunity to those of you looking for your own way out of the rat race. — Matt


I would like to tell you a little story.

6 years ago I decided to move from Germany to the arctic circle in Swedish Lapland. 2500 km away. I came here alone with 4 kids, 5 horses and a dog. I wanted to live in the nature. I wanted to decide myself.

And I wanted to live my dream to have my own husky team. I did it. Now I own a little Kennel of 13 Siberians. I love it, 8 month of snow and temperatures down to -40 degrees are ideal for doing what I do.

Living and working outside in the wilderness is always a special experience, sometimes wonderful, sometimes hard but never boring. With your dogs you are part of the team, leader of the pack.

You are out in the cold and feel very small under the enormous sky and the northern lights, but at the same time you are a part of nature.

To stay warm in this conditions I wear merino wool underwear and shoes with a wool lining. If it is very cold, I change my socks a few times a day. Over our feet we lose about 1 liter of water every day!

I decided to share my life with the dogs with some guests. It`s a lifestyle, you cannot just do a little dog-sledding. You love it and do it a lot or you leave it.

Now I found my paradise in Jämtland, a part of Sweden near the norwegian border, near the mountains. A lot of wild animals are living here, especially a lot of bears. The wilderness begins beside my house.

I will buy some more dogs this summer. This will be more fun and more work. Therefore I am looking after a person who wants to help me over the next season as a dog-handler and guide (September 18 to April 19).

Do you want to join into the adventure and work with this amazing animals?

I need help with feeding the dogs and cleaning the dog yards. We train them with an ATV and with the sled. We have to prepare the tracks with the snowskooter and organise the tours.

Do you like cat´s or dogs better?

You will be using snow machines and ATV´s and spend a lot of time with the dogs.  If you are looking for a simple, rewarding and fulfilling life then this could be the chance for you.

You should be able to work in a team and have some experience with sled dogs, be calm and friendly with animals and humans and like to work with guests.

For more details please contact Natalie by email

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