About Me and my Approach


My Philosophy

All of the training that I conduct is based around my four guiding principles

  • Increase Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance
  • Building and Maintaining a Life Worth Living
  • Security – Taking Responsibility for you own security
  • Maintaining a Small Footprint to minimise your impact on on the environment

My Main Message


I strive for self sufficiency in the modern world, to push the boundaries and extend my comfort zone by learning and experiencing as much as I can.  I liek to blend in, fit in, and reconnect with my place in nature and to help others to realise and reconnect with theirs.

I help people to do this and to ¨Escape the matrix¨, that is the trap of modern life, debt, bills, constant and instant nagging from the authorities and from each other.  To experience our place in nature is to experience true freedom.

I have a very specific skillset learned over a very long career that I teach to very specific people.  If you feel that you may be one of those people then get in touch.  I am a qualified British Canoe Union / UKCC Paddlesports coach, Mountain Training Association Rock Climbing Instructor and Institute of Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Practitioner.  Before this I studied Bushcraft with the Ray Mears company Woodlore, attending all of their courses over a period of a few years and have completed many successful expeditions in Arctic Sweden, the far north of Norway, the Jungles of Borneo, Mexico, Belize, India and Guatemala and of course all over the UK.

Our Approach

The wilderness is our natural habitat, Human beings have spent most of our existence successfully, living a hunter gathering existence in the wilderness, comparatively speaking, our city, brick and plasterboard, gym”s, phone’s, computer lifestyles make up little more than the blink of an eye compared with our time living among the trees.  The wilderness is our home, by doing this we are simply reconnecting with our place in nature, resuming our place in the ecosystem with the other animals and plant species.

Matt Fletcher has a very specific skill set that he has learned over a very long career and now teaches these skill´s to very specific people.  If you wish to be considered for training or as an expedition team member then please use the contact page.


Print Media

From time to time, I have articles published in Outdoor magazines on subjects ranging from Canoe expeditions in Scotland to Spring in Snowdonia, You can read some of those here