How To Keep Your Body Strong And Agile Well Into Old Age

Marcus Oakey is a world renowned expert in the subtle art of conversation.  He brings a unique method of structure, passion and emotional intelligence into the personnel development world that has helped business people and regular people to have better, more rewarding and more useful conversations.

He does not stop there though and is currently investigating things that matter to him so that he can bring you practical. useful advice on how to improve yourself, namely, maintaining physical strength as you get older

Marcus strikes a chord with me because he understands that focusing on one skill or skillset alone does not make us the well rounded individuals that we strive to be, we must widen our skillset and embrace a range of ideas and skills in order to really become masters of our own reality –Matt

There is a key element that is missing from almost every strength training program that needs to be in place if you wish to be powerful and injury free well into old age.

That element is mobility.

As you get older, our joints and muscles tighten and harden from a lack of use.

This happens from the daily, monotonous toil of every day life sitting behind a desk in a chair, which prevents you from using your body to its full capacity.

In an effort to get strong, many people will head to their local gym to lift weights.

Heaving heavy barbells around indeed strengthens muscle but only the parts of the muscle that are still mobile. If the muscle is over exerted, other parts of the body will compensate for the areas that are tight and not doing their job.

The result is a body full of chronic pain and injury. There are very few long term gym goers who are also injury free. Try and find one.

However, if we can regain mobility in our body we also drastically increase our ability to unlock a lot of extra strength, too.

So here’s the deal…

I want you to be able to regain the spring in your step so that you can climb trees and mountains, build shelters in the freezing cold, trample through balmy jungle and push into new adventures well into old age.

Hence, i’m going to suggest two simple exercises that will get you mobile and strong, within three months and change your life in nine months. Here they are:
1.) Squat, barefoot, for 30 minutes per day.
2.) Hang from a bar (or branch!), for 7 minutes day.

That’s it.

Squatting strengthens the lower body.

Your feet, ankles, shins, calves, quads, hamstrings, hips and lower back get a phenomenal workout. Aim to place your feet flat on the ground throughout this exercise. This might be tough to begin and you may find yourself on tip toes due for short durations, due to muscle tightness. Stick with it!

Hanging strengthens the upper body.

Your hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back and midsection (the entire abdominal area) will get torched. Aim to hang, with both hands, for short durations, gradually increasing as you go.

Do these exercises every day. There are no rest days. However, you can spread these exercises throughout your day.

Squatting five minutes before breakfast, ten minutes at lunchtime and fifteen minutes before bed is perfect; and so is squatting for 30 minutes straight (read a book or meditate for added efficiency!)

Likewise, hanging for 30 seconds multiple times throughout your day works just as well as fitting it all in one go. Play with different grips for added variety.

-After one month you will forge the habit.
-After three months your mobility and foundation strength will be dramatically increased.
-After nine months you’ll be the strongest you ever have been. Try it and see what happens.

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