What does Matt do?


First and foremost, I want to pass on as much knowledge as I can, knowledge gained the hard way over years and years of study, training, experience and failures


I love teaching in the field as so I run a series of training programs designed to give you the skills that you need to live outside, survive, thrive and realise your dreams.

Expeditions and Logistics

In order to practice the skills that you have learned either from myself or from others like me, I will take you out into the wilderness for an expedition in which we will move through the landscape in spite of the challenges that nature presents us with.

Training courses train you in what you need to practice, an expedition gives you the opportunity to use your new skills for real in real life situations.

Expeditions can take place all over the world and in most environments, Arctic, Jungle, Temeperate and on foot, vehicle, canoe or kayak.


During an expedition, you will be a full part of the team and and you will learn how to adapt to changing conditions, what to do when you cannot use you´re favorite shelter system and most of all, how to improvise in order to arrive at a successful conclusion to the expedition.

If you have an idea for your own trip but do not know where to start or if you need some specialist assistance on an established expedition then I can help.  I have a network of suppliers, fixers and considerable expertise that are required to make things happen and get things moving.

Training programs

Learning a new skill is best achieved in a comfortable, safe environment, I can teach you a lot on an expedition but I can teach you more in a base camp setting.

These training packages can be hosted closer to home to minimise travel expenses.

Training programs are a relationship between myself and the client and as such I select my clients in order to ensure the best possible results for us all.

You can apply to attend a training program using the form on this website.

People selected for training are welcome to attend just a single course but it is much better for them if they attend a training program.  Individual assessments will take place after the application process and a individualised training program will be created for you, focusing on your areas of interest and your areas of weakness.  My goal is to turn out the most rounded, professional and slick outdoors people as is possible.


Next Steps…

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