Repairing your kit

Being able to repair your equipment, yourself, while you are out in the field is extremely important.

This could mean repairing a puncture in your thermarest, fixing a seat in a canoe or sewing up a hole in some clothing.

Today I noticed a rip in my outer mittens.  This was disastrous news as it is extremely cold at the moment and I need these gloves to function.  This rip will let snow and ice inside which will turn to water and then freeze, making my hands cold.  Loosing a glove in a cold climate can mean the difference between life and death.  Your gloves must be cared for and protected at all costs.

I carry a roll of thread and a few different needles with me and with the help of my leatherman, I was able to sew up the hole well enough that I can use the gloves as before.

The repair does not need to be pretty but it does need to be strong.  Repair everything as if it is a permanent repair so that you do not have to do it twice.

A basic repair kit should be carried by all, one that will enable them to make minor repairs to their own equipment and clothing.  If traveling by canoe then take some nuts and bolts, a spanner or screw driver and some paracord.

If traveling by vehicle, then ensure that you have the tools to make simple repairs on the roadside, a spare wheel, a jack etc…

If in doubt, a small roll of gaffer / duct tape will go along way when the chips are down, that and 10 meters of para cord.

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