Pro Tips #2 Stop your Water Bottles From Smelling Bad

You have probably noticed that when you are getting ready to go away on a trip, your water bottles smell terrible when you open them to fill them.

When we get back from a trip, most of us unpack and neatly store our waterbottles on a shelf or in a bag but we don´t wash them before we put them away.

You don´t have to wash them but remember that the small amounts of water inside perhaps combined with some bacteria that came from your mouth while drinking will become a stinking, slimy mess in the weeks or months between trips.

The simple solution to this problem is to just leave the caps unscrewed when you put the water bottles away.  This way the residual water in the bottles just evaporates and denies that bacteria the conditions to breed and thrive.  By the time you get around to use the water bottles again, the bacteria will most likely be dead, the bottles will be dry and there will be no bad smell.

It is small tips like this that when combined with other small tips or nuggets of information that make us efficient, well rounded outdoors people and you can only acquire this information through experience and training.  If you are interested in learning more and gaining experience with my guidance, get in touch and let´s see what we can work out between us.

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One thought on “Pro Tips #2 Stop your Water Bottles From Smelling Bad”

  1. I love simple, practical bushcraft tips like these! I have used this to ensure that my canteen remains free from odour after an expedition.

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